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    Suzhou Dongbang Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. is a South Korea solely-funded enterprise with a registered capital of 2 million USD, covering a total area of ten thousand square meters.
    Suzhou Dongbang Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing acupuncture needles and other related medical apparatuses. The acupuncture needles of the company are based on the traditional style, improved time and again, refined with delicate mechanical technology, whose quality is guaranteed by the company’s advanced production process, modern producing equipment and testing center, perfect quality assurance system as well as strict and scientific management. The needles are made of imported pure steel with excellent quality, and they have longer service life without color change, needle body being straight, round and smooth, needlepoint nice in shape, moderate in sharpness, and easy to apply while causing little pain. With fewer needles producing quick and good effects, the needles can treat various diseases, regulate the balance of body in all respects, and strengthen human immunity to improve medical treatment. Totally in compliance with the national standard, the needles have passed ISO13485 quality control system and EU certifications consecutively.
    The disposable sterile needles are produced in the fully-automatic cleaning and packing workshop of hundred thousand class, with epoxyethane used for sterilization, they are warmly acclaimed by the users around the world.
· Acupuncture needles
· Skin Care
· Moxibustion
· Disposable cups
· Acu-Tape
· Electro-acupuncture
· Nanolet Lancets
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